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Inaugural Meeting of the Stanford Compression Forum - January 22, 2015

Event Details:

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Stanford University Electrical Engineering Department
350 Jane Stanford Way
Stanford, CA 94305
United States

This event is open to:

General Public

The Stanford Compression Forum (SCF) inaugural event invited theorists and practitioners to imagine the future of compression. Interdisciplinary attendees from industry and academia attended, discussing compression --  past and present. Below are links to several presentation videos. If you're interested in details, or attending a future event, please Contact Us.  

Title: Introduction and Q&A with Professor Jacob Ziv

Description: Prof. Jacob Ziv joined us remotely, answering questions and offering his perspective

Presenter: Professor Jacob Ziv

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Title: Keynote: Beyond Compression, A Personal Perspective

Presenter: Bernd Girod (Stanford) 

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Title: Applications Panel

Description: The panel featured representatives from several different domains in which compression is playing a role, or should be playing a role. The purpose of this panel was twofold: (1) to understand what the pressing challenges in the world of compression are, across domains, and (2) to identify the techniques and ideas that will be at center stage in five to ten years' time.

Panelists: Vivek Goyal (Boston University), Moderator;  Al Wegener (Lab126); Carlos Bustamante (Stanford); Krish Eswaran (Google); Cornel Constantinescu (IBM); Chris "Monty" Montgomery (Mozilla); Dan Miller (hiQ Labs / GenexIO)

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Title: Reshaping Industries with Compression

Description: Attendees came to the event with ideas, technologies, and applications relating to the world of compression that have the potential to reshape industries as we know it. A working lunch, attendees separated into teams that discussed the group's ideas and identified those that were most compelling.

No video available; Contact Us for more information.

Title: Back to the Future, Revisiting Older Paradigms

Description: This talk walked through the past of compression and identify lessons for its future. Drawing on having seen the field of lossy compression pass through multiple eras and innumerable fads, Prof. Gray distilled several ideas and insights that the community should be paying more attention to.

Presenter: Bob Gray (Stanford)

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Title: Why is compression still relevant?

Description: An in ­depth look into the current state of affairs in video compression, addressing compression’s relevance in a high­bandwidth world, what has already been done, what needs to be done, and some concrete suggestions on how we can work together.

Presenter: Jim Bankoski (Google)

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Title: Gaps between industry and academia

Description: This talk focused on the gaps that exist between industry and academia in the world of compression, and the ways in which we might try to close them.

Presenter: Gadiel Seroussi

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Title: Technical Talks

Description: A series of “short talks" gave the attendees a sampling of cutting ­edge research being done across various domains in compression, for example:

  • Compression for genomic data
  • Compressed Sensing and Compression ­Inspired Acquisition Systems
  • Sparse recovery
  • Compression for similarity queries
  • New approaches to lossy compression

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Title: Academic Panel: A New Research Agenda and Horizon for Breakthroughs

Description: A panel of academics were asked to reflect on the days' proceedings. Speakers offered their opinions on where compression should be headed and set possible action items for moving forward.

Panelists: Sergio Verdu (Princeton), Moderator; Robert Gray (Stanford); Kannan Ramchandran (Berkeley); Alon Orlitsky (UCSD); Young­Han Kim (UCSD); Greg Valiant (Stanford); Anant Sahai (Berkeley)

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