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How to Become a Stanford Compression Forum Affiliate

To become an affiliate of the Stanford Compression Forum, please contact us to begin the conversation.

Affiliate Benefits

Our affiliates benefit from a close connection to Stanford’s many activities in compression research and engineering. For web visitors who are not yet an affiliate, we will be happy to set up a meeting with you to explore the spectrum of SCF Affiliate programs and their related benefits. Corporate membership is $21,000 per annum, and may begin at any time. 

SCF affiliates receive:

  • Invitations to attend all lectures, and other SCF-sponsored seminars and workshops. SCF events provide a forum in which members can learn about advances in research and engineering, discuss new technology and marketing trends, and form industry standards.
  • Facilitated access to video recordings of SCF events including seminarsworkshops, and courses in compression
  • Engagement with Stanford graduates through posting job openings, viewing student resumes, and scheduling on-campus interviews.
  • Option to place a Researcher-in-Residence at the forum. This is a great way to plug a key research employee into some of the state-of-the-art research projects in their area of interest. Researcher-in-Residence/Visiting Scholar may come to the school for a one-year term (with possible one-year extension), provided certain qualifications are met (administrative fees paid, invitation from department, signing University form SU-18A, etc.). 
  • Option to be involved with Stanford’s research on compression by providing a mentor to work with a member of Stanford’s faculty — who will act as an Advisor — and their students on a specific research project.
  • Facilitated engagement with Faculty. 

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